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Welcome in the name of Isa Al- Masih

This series of 20 lessons is written to introduce a Muslim to the beliefs of those who follow Isa Al-Masih. It uses as references both the Qur'an and the Bible and answers common questions asked by Muslims. The first ten lessons contain basic information about the Bible and the teaching of Isa Al-Masih. The second half deals with His life and teaching in more detail. These twenty lessons form the basis from which we can look at the truths of the Bible. The titles of the 20 lessons are:

  1. The Holy Bible (1)
  2. The Holy Bible (2)
  3. The Inspiration of the Bible
  4. The Accuracy of the Bible (1)
  5. The Accuracy of the Bible (2)
  6. The Abiding Word
  7. Prophecies and Isa al-Masih
  8. Isa bin Maryam the Messiah
  9. Isa al-Masih: Crucified?
  10. Isa al-Masih: Resurrected?
  11. The Person of Isa al-Masih
  12. The Son of Man
  13. The Coming of Isa al-Masih
  14. The Son of God
  15. The Great Teacher – Parable
  16. The Great Teacher – Miracles
  17. The Great Teacher – Faith and Action
  18. Isa al-Masih – The Great Sacrifice
  19. The Second Coming of Isa al-Masih
  20. Isa al-Masih, Our Life

At the end of each lesson you will find a link directing you to the next lesson

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May God bless you as you study.

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