Joining The Family

Our Joining the Family track is an initiative to help churches to understand, love, equip and learn from believers of Muslim backgrounds. 

Today in Britain growing numbers of Muslims from a variety of ethnic backgrounds are choosing to follow Jesus Christ. They want to join Christ’s community, whether in traditional British churches, or in same background fellowships - sometimes both simultaneously. The church needs to understand their needs, care for them and support them in their growth in Christ. We also want and need to learn from them. Their journey can help the church in its preparation for a day when multitudes will come into our family. 

We work alongside other groups who are also praying for the church to increasingly become a church for all cultures. 

For more information:

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Our resources

The course and resources have been developed by a team in the UK to help churches understand, love, equip and learn from those joining them. The resources include a film-based discussion course, seminar materials, a website and a book. 

The course consists of six sessions of informative teaching and inspiring testimonies. One strength of the course is the way it prioritises the voice of believers of Muslim heritage. A revised course suitable for using with an online group will be available soon.




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