Hikma Research Partnership

Hikma Research is a partnership vision seeking to research and collaborate to:

1. understand the needs, challenges and stories in the discipling of believers of Muslim background (BMBs). We want to hear about the real-life issues faced by BMBs in their local church and community.

2. encourage and enable BMBs to conduct and write up research on these issues. We want to hear their biblical insights and learn about fruitful practices for growing disciples and equipping leaders.

3. make this available in their own contexts and across the world. We want to amplify the voice of BMB brothers and sisters in the global church.

We hope that this research and collaboration will enable more fruitful discipleship and training  for those of Muslim background, with curricula that are relevant to their own issues. While coming under the objectives of Word of Life as a registered charity, HRP aspires to be a neutral place for discussion and collaboration for a range of interested partners.

At the moment we are working on an agreement with a Christian Oxford-based publisher to release our first publications in spring 2021.

We have begun gathering articles and longer items from contributors to create a bank of completed existing research into BMB discipleship issues.

We are involved in a very exciting bigger project being launched in the autumn which will enable individuals and organisations across the world church to share their research and collaborate in shared areas of interest.

Although we can't give much more detail at the moment, there's certainly a lot of work going on getting all this ready for a public launch and we're excited about the potential and the possibilities ahead.

If you would like to find out more, or have work to submit for our research bank, please contact Pat Brittenden or the Word of Life office.