Come Follow Me is now available digitally! 

GrowSpace is our e-learning platform for smartphones and other devices. We have used GrowSpace to publish Come Follow Me in a digital, secure, multilingual, interactive format for group and 1-2-1 discipleship.  



You can access GrowSpace in two ways: 

growspace-screenshots.png1. Individual Advisor accounts

Advisor accounts are now available to order through our online shop. They include the study book and advisor notes you need as an advisor, plus permission to create up to 10 learner accounts. For this access it costs only £30 which is less than half the cost of  buying printed books. Your learners can then choose the language they complete the course in.  

Click here to order

Terms & Conditions for Individual Advisors


2. Organisational subscription accounts

An organisation subscription to GrowSpace is the most cost effective approach for organisations requiring more than five Advisor accounts. Organisations are able to create advisor accounts themselves, and have no limit on the number of learners attached to their advisors. 

If you are part of an organisation interested in multiple advisor accounts for members, please use this link to submit an enquiry: Organisation Subscription enquiry

FAQs for Organisation Subscriptions


Get in touch via our contact form with any questions on either kind of account. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What platforms does GrowSpace work on?

Because GrowSpace is a progressive web-app, it works on all devices and operating systems through a browser, and can also be ‘added to homescreen’ through a browser on phones and tablets as an app.

How does a user get an account?

Users can only access Come Follow Me on GrowSpace after invitation by an Advisor. This keeps the vital relational element of discipleship as they cannot just study the materials in isolation, and should meet regularly with their Advisor to discuss what they have been learning.

How does someone become an advisor?

You can purchase an Advisor account (subject to a security check) through our webshop. Click here to order

Do Advisors need to complete Advisor training before buying an advisor account?

No, this is not a requirement, however we strongly recommend that Advisors get a good understanding of the course method, either by reading an Advisor guide or by completing an Advisor training. See our training page for more information. 

How can users become Advisors once they have completed the course themselves?

They can apply for an Advisor account through our webshop and reference their current Advisor, or if connected to an organisation with a subscription, their account can be upgraded from user to Advisor through that organisation’s GrowSpace administrators.

What languages are currently available for Come Follow Me? 

English, Dari, French, Farsi, Arabic, Somali, Kurdish (Sorani), German, Norwegian & the African English edition.

Can the course be done in different languages in one group?

Yes. When a user is invited to a course, they can choose their own language, which means they could be using a different language to other users or their Advisor.

Can an Advisor do all the discipleship through Growspace?


No, GrowSpace is only the study book element of the Come Follow Me course and method (see diagram to right), and we expect Advisors to be regularly meeting up with their users to discuss the lessons, either in person or by video call/messenger etc.