The Hikma Partnership is a group of Christian leaders and ministers of a Muslim background with mature mission partners with substantial experience in training and discipling amongst believers from a Muslim background, working together with a vision of: 

1. Encouraging and guiding BMBs to research and write as a contribution to their own cultural contexts and for the world church. Research may include sharing about BMB discipleship issues, perspectives and stories, and be at academic, non-academic and practical levels, both in and for the BMB context.

2. Sharing this research and writing around the world, amplifying the voice of BMBs in the global church.

 See for more details. 

The Partnership officially launched in October 2022 after beginning activities in these areas:

  • RESEARCH - facilitating and collating individual and collective research projects
  • REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL GATHERINGS - facilitating groups gathering to learn from each other, plan and discuss research and writing via workshops, and theme-related consultations.
  • PUBLISHING - assisting BMBs and BMB-focused researchers, thinkers, artists, poets, musicians and writers with finding pathways to publishing in multiple formats
  • MENTORING - matching BMBs seeking to research and write with experienced mentors and co-writers

Hikma is a member of the Alliance of Mission Researchers and Institutions,

The Hikma Partnership is hosted by Word of Life as a registered charity, but is a neutral place for discussion and collaboration for a range of interested partners. Word of Life hopes that this research and collaboration will enable more fruitful discipleship and training for those of Muslim background, with curricula that are relevant to their own issues. 

If you would like to find out more, or have work to submit for our research bank, please contact Pat Brittenden or the Word of Life office.