Come Follow Me Advisor Training


In addition to providing discipleship resources, we see an important part of our work as equipping churches and individuals to use them well. We believe that it is important for those using the course to understand how to use the materials and the discussion method.

You can run our courses without training as an experienced group leader, by a thorough reading of the Advisor's guide, and trying the course out for yourself beforehand, however many people find it helpful to go through some training. We would strongly recommend this for those who are new to leading interactive group discussion.

We provide training through one day workshops for Come Follow Me advisors. We run these workshops around the UK and Europe in partnership with local churches, Mahabba groups and other organisations. 

We're currently developing online based training and a training resource which can be used by small groups.

Please use our contact page to register your interest in attending  or hosting an Advisor Training Workshop, or to find out more about online/small group training.