In addition to providing discipleship resources, we consider equipping churches and individuals to use them well is an important part of our work. We believe that it is important to understand the method behind the course to use the materials most effectively.

 This training will equip you to:

  • understand the course design and method of Come Follow Me
  • lead group discussion using the Advisor Guide
  • plan to start a course in your area

 It also touches on cultural issues for believers of Muslim Background. 

 We particularly recommend this training to anyone new to leading interactive group discussion. While an experienced group leader might well be able to run our courses without training by a thorough reading of the Advisor's Guide and trying the course out themselves beforehand, we recommend that where possible they too attend an Advisor Training workshop. As well as the potential benefit to them personally, this enables us at CFM to build a network of Advisors and Facilitators who we can call on to help train up others. 


Three training models for 2022-3

1. Live Workshops

We provide live training through one day workshops for Come Follow Me Advisors. Live workshops are now available in a number of countries worldwide and are being translated into local languages. Please check with us to see if there are CFM Facilitators running Advisor Training in your area or language.

We believe that the face to face interaction adds a valuable extra dimension to the training.

Next UK workshop: To register your interest, email

2. Online Video Training Resource for small groups

The CFM Online Video Training Resource for small groups is now available, making advisor training widely accessible. You can host a Come Follow Me Advisor Training for 4 to 6 people in your home. We are hoping that this will enable more churches and individuals to prepare well before running CFM and anticipate that it will be especially valuable in situations where a live workshop is not possible.

The resource is a replica of the one day workshop, offered in four separate sessions. All the teaching and information is online in the form of video clips and information or questions for students to interact with. It simply requires someone to host it - to gather people together, print off a few handouts and set up a computer or screen with internet access to the Advisor Training resource.  

If you, or someone you know, could make use of this resource please get in touch through our contact page or by emailing us.

3. Zoom-based Online Advisor Training

We also offer a Zoom-based Online Advisor Training. This makes CFM Advisor Training accessible to individuals not just groups, and opens up the possibility of training people in different nations at the same time.

This training consists of three or four sessions depending on timing, and we expect participants to attend all sessions in one course.

Next Zoom workshop:

The next Zoom training course will be over two sessions on 14 and 28 October 2023. To register your interest, contact us on