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The vision of Word of Life is for new believers from a Muslim heritage to grow from first steps into a mature faith, becoming disciples and disciple-makers. We serve with believers of Muslim background (BMBs) worldwide: facilitating research to learn from and share their experience and wisdom; pathways of courses quipping them to grow into maturity and ministry; training for advisors to guide them along these pathways; and helping churches to be family together with them and be enriched by them.


Word of Life is currently looking for the following roles to join our team:

1. Digital Multimedia Co-ordinator (full-time or part-time)

Oversee our digital and multimedia work, including strategising, creating and curating content and training. The role involves: developing and executing digital and social media strategies for communication, partnership relationship, and fundraising; digital content curation and dissemination for BMB discipleship research and resources for the Hikma Partnership; and training and capacity building of WoL staff, teams and appropriate partners. Download the full description here. 

2. Digital Content Curator (part-time)

Oversee the collating, translation and dissemination of content in and through the Hikma Partnership’s digital platform/website, including creative and artistic content. This role involves: identifying and selecting, content by BMBs which addresses the core mission of Hikma, namely, to share the perspectives and contributions of BMBs in majority Muslim contexts and throughout the world church. This role also involves engaging with appropriate translation software (including subtitling and dubbing of audiovisual content) for various language versions of Hikma digital platform/website.

3. Hikma Mentors Network Co-ordinator (part-time)

Oversee the development and functioning of the Hikma Partnership Mentors Network. This role involves: processing applications from prospective mentees (BMBs seeking to engage in research, writing and creative projects), matching these to Hikma Mentors, supporting and responding to enquiries from both mentors and mentees, ensuring that mentors and mentees have access to all the best resources, links and other relevant information (available via the Hikma platform) and ensuring that the mentoring experience/journey is evaluated.

4. Asia Development Director (part-time)

Grow the partnerships and footprint of the organisation in Asia, with a particular focus on South and South-East Asia. The role involves building networks, relationships and partnerships for all our tracks. The role may involve: identifying BMB researchers and organisations to participate in the Hikma Partnership; identifying individuals and organisations producing BMB discipleship resources to join the Paths of Life network; building relationships with translation and training partners for our discipleship resources; promoting the work of Word of Life amongst current and potential donors and other resource partners.

5. Operations Manager (full-time or part-time)

Oversee our operations and manage our small operations team. The role involves both management and activity across the following domains: administration; communication with supporters, donors and other stakeholders; event planning; finance and financial management; and fundraising.

6. Joining the Family Working Group Member (part-time)

Grow the JtF network internationally in ways that serve and enrich local expressions of church family. To work collaboratively with members of the JtF Working Group to support and encourage church leaders, congregations, and believers of Muslim background across the world as they find ways to build healthy, life-giving, and culturally-rich expressions of being Christ's family together.

7. GrowSpace Co-ordinator (part-time)

Support and develop our online course platform, GrowSpace. The role involves overseeing the technical development, training for Organisations and users on the platform, facilitating upload of new courses, languages and audio versions, promotion and technical support for customers and communication with our partners. The role will also include technical support and administration in other areas of the Courses track including the Paths of Life database.


Many of the roles can be completed part-time, or in conjunction with other Word of Life or external ministries. Preference will be given to Christian believers of a Muslim background (BMBs) or those with extensive experience journeying with them. Our team is global, and most of these roles can be undertaken from anywhere in the world. Word of Life welcomes applications from supported mission partners, but can pay an appropriate local salary to individuals based on their location and circumstances. Full job descriptions will be posted on this page as they become available.  

Word of Life expects to continue to recruit for different roles. If you are excited about this ministry and you would like to explore other roles with us, please send your CV and a covering letter explaining your interest to


Download the Word of Life information sheet.

Download our Annual Report (2022).

These vacancies can be downloaded as a pdf to pass onto others.