Work with us

"Joining Word of Life presented a great opportunity for me to grow professionally and spiritually. I was excited about the chance to contribute my skills and experiences to an organisation with a meaningful purpose." - BMB team member

Word of Life is currently growing and we need more people to help us work on our projects and ministries. Many of the roles we are advertising can be completed part-time, or in conjunction with other Word of Life or external ministries. Preference will be given to Christian believers of a Muslim background (BMBs) or those with extensive experience journeying with them. Our team is global, and most of these roles can be undertaken from anywhere in the world. Word of Life welcomes applications from supported mission partners, but can pay an appropriate local salary to individuals based on their location and circumstances. Full job descriptions will be posted on this page as they become available.  

Word of Life expects to continue to recruit for different roles. If you are excited about this ministry and you would like to explore other roles with us, please send your CV and a covering letter explaining your interest to

Join our team

We have multiple roles available for joining our track teams. 

"Word of Life has a great, friendly team, who are great to work with, and it is always encouraging to meet with them. It's exciting to be on the front edge of BMB discipleship resources and networking." - Team member

In the Courses track, we are looking for: 

GrowSpace Coordinator - to manage our web-app and develop the languages available on it further (deadline 23 June)

Curriculum Coordinator - to work across the track coordinating the different projects we are running (deadline 23 June)

Paths of Life Coordinator - to coordinate our work with curriculum development partners (contact us for more information)

In our Central track, we are looking for:

Digital Multimedia Coordinator - to work across the tracks, creating and updating our video and audio resources, and developing our social media and comms

Operations Manager - to oversee our admin, finance, comms and events support

Asia Development Director - to help us grow partnerships and manage relationships across South and South-East Asia. The role involves representing Word of Life and networking for us across the region (contact us for more information)

In our Hikma track, we are looking for:

Digital Multimedia Developer - to create and disseminate digital content and work on our resource platform (contact us for more information)

Mentoring Network Coordinator - to promote, administer and manage our mentors network programme (contact us for more information)

In our Joining the Family team, we are looking for:

JTF Team Coordinator - to assist with networking, representing JTF at events and  producing new resources and digital content (contact us for more information)

Work with us

We have some short term projects which need technical or professional skills. Could you give us a few hours a week, month, or until a project is completed, to help us finish phases of projects? Examples of work include:

Website updates - uploading new content to our website and course platform

HR development - assisting our review and update of our systems and paperwork

Events logistics - supporting our teams before in person events

Resource translation - using your specialist language skills 

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these opportunities, or have other skills and experience to offer. We pay an hourly salary, details dependent on your location. 

Volunteer with us

"What I like most about being involved in Word of Life is the relationships and connections with others who share similar hopes and dreams for the present and the future of the Church." - Trustee

We are looking for new trustees. We particularly see believers from Muslim background and/or those with digital or fundraising experience. Please contact us if you may be interested in serving in this way. 

Joining the Family is looking for more people to join the working group of volunteers offering advice and guidance. If you are a brother or sister from a Muslim background or have been a church member engaged in supporting BMBs in the local church please contact us to find out more. Commitment ranges from a few hours a month to deeper involvement with facilitating a course or developing resources. 

The Courses track are looking for some technical help on the GrowSpace app. More information here.


Download the Word of Life information sheet.

Download our Annual Report (2023).

We have a pdf summary sheet of these vacancies which can be printed and shared with others.