BMB Discipleship Gatherings 2022

20th Dec 2022

BMB Discipleship Gatherings 2022

Thank you so much for your prayers and giving for our events in October. What a blessed and fruitful fortnight they were!

We believe these were the first gatherings of their kind, focussed specifically on BMB discipleship research and on drawing together BMB curriculum providers.

At the Hikma Partnership Launch, we shared our database on work already available and analysis on what is missing. We began creating a platform for sharing new work by giving opportunities for participants to present and discuss. Partners signed up to confirm they share the vision, want to be part of the work and are willing to contribute in different ways, and we confirmed that the activities we have begun are the right priorities for now before commissioning a Steering Group to lead us in the next phase.

The Paths of Life Consultation built on this, creating discussion space to begin to move beyond the issues towards finding solutions through courses. A very wide spread of leaders were present from almost all areas of the M-world (except Southeast Asia) and a significant number of key organisations were present. The group were able to come to a good consensus by the end about ways to move forward and form a ‘scoping’ group to take this collaboration forward.

We have a confidential report on these events available to stakeholders and partners. To receive a copy please email

(Image by mindandi on Freepik)