Sharing the vision

25th Jan 2021

Sharing the vision

We were delighted to have so many of you join us in November to hear more about our vision and resources and to pray.

When we decided to suspend our physical gathering due to government restrictions, we knew that although we were unable to meet in person, we still wanted to create an opportunity to connect with people using our resources and to celebrate the launch of our new web-app. We did not anticipate that God would make our replacement online Vision Day a truly international celebration of what he is doing through Word of Life activities!

As Joining the Family (JtF) is a new addition to Word of Life and we knew many of their previous contacts and supporters would be present, we started with an introduction to our history and vision. We then shared about our best known resource, the Come Follow Me (CFM) discipleship course for new believers from a Muslim background, before creating a space for the JtF team to present the Joining the Family course and resource to those who were not familiar with it.

> You can find out more about these key ministries here: and

Our Curriculum team had been developing a smartphone version of CFM for nearly two years. The online gathering provided the perfect opportunity to launch this and we were joined by many of the translators, developers and pilot testers from across the world. It was a real joy to share GrowSpace, the new e-learning platform, with a wider audience and to hear from some who have already used it.

Come Follow Me on GrowSpace follows the same methodology as the paper course – the advisor unlocks a lesson for their students; the students complete the lesson by filling in gaps and answering questions which the advisor can check; the advisor meets with the students to discuss the lesson before they move onto the next one. The web-app lines up with the book, making it possible for some students to use one and others to use the other, and across languages, so the advisor and students can access the material in a variety of languages and still complete the course together.

“I really like the material and the format. I like that you have to fill in the blanks before you can move to the next ‘Stage’. It makes it feel like a video game.” (Beta-tester in Central Asia)

“…Both my students seem to like this app VERY MUCH, and are learning a lot.” (From Advisor in Norway)

As GrowSpace is a flexible learning platform, other courses can be added to it over time. We already have some partners who will be using it to host their own courses.

It was wonderful to pray together to launch the web-app and we have been delighted at the subsequent response. We are already in discussions with 6 organisations looking to buy multiple accounts for their teams and contacts to use CFM online – praise God!

> Find out more about individual accounts and organisation accounts here:

In the afternoon we also launched the new monthly prayer gatherings for Word of Life. It was a joy to bring the vision and activities of Word of Life to the Lord together.

> Please email for details of how to join the monthly prayer meetings, on the last Thursday of each month at 9.30am for one hour.