Strategic Discipleship in the Midst of Persecution

17th Nov 2023

Strategic Discipleship in the Midst of Persecution

We believe God has called us to be STRATEGIC – this is an exciting time in history for the movement from Islam to Christ.

In the dynamic landscape of religious transformation, there is a profound call to be strategic for those involved in the movement from Islam to Christianity. Brother T in the Horn of Africa reported: The 26 missionary candidates have completed their Come Follow Me training today. All of these are about to go into the missionary field working amongst M peoples. It was amazing to hear how they are inspired and motivated to use CFM with new believers. We also had some Ethiopian brothers who are training as facilitators, who are now equipped to go on to train others.

Notably, the movement extends beyond geographical boundaries to global communities, especially those fleeing persecution due to their newfound faith. In the face of adversity, one key need for all these believers is access to relevant discipleship resources that helps them grow. However, the challenging circumstances these individuals face make it dangerous to own such resources or travel with them.

Amidst these challenges, dedicated efforts are being made to bridge the discipleship gap. Training sessions have been conducted not only in Africa, Malaysia, and across Europe but also through virtual platforms like Zoom. Recently, we completed a training at a prominent Iranian church in Turkey. This church, plans to utilise CFM in multiple languages to guide and nurture those who have discovered Jesus on their journey to safety. Please pray for them.