Studying on the move

16th Mar 2022

Studying on the move

In the complicated world of seeking asylum, it can be frustrating to feel like contacts who were growing in their faith have had to move on before either they or we were ready! 

Some of our partners use the Come Follow Me course in short term refugee camps where groups are constantly changing. Video and messaging apps mean some advisors continue their groups even when they are dispersed to different countries. We praise God for stories of groups studying together in multiple languages and across different continents.

We are learning about how to mentor people to lead groups of their own when they are unable to access formal training. It's so encouraging to hear about friends who found Come Follow Me helpful to them in their own Christian growth now leading their own groups in new countries to help others deepen their faith too. 

The GrowSpace app has made it possible for brothers and sisters to access the course from their phones. They can study the same content without carrying a printed book with them, whether travelling or living in an unsafe context. We praise God that we are able to make Come Follow Me available in Dari and Somali for believers who cannot own Christian materials.

If you would like to support the further development of GrowSpace and help us get more languages uploaded, please get in touch.