The Multiplying Effect of Strategic Partnerships in Ministry

18th Nov 2023

The Multiplying Effect of Strategic Partnerships in Ministry

At the heart of our ministry beats the pulse of collaboration, embodying a MULTIPLYING EFFECT that amplifies our impact. Virtually every facet of our work involves strategic partnerships, a testament to our belief that working together enables us to achieve far more than we could on our own.

Sister D in the UK shares: “The topics in CFM relate directly to BMBs' background understanding of worldview issues like shame/ guilt, relationships within marriage, revenge. New believers need to grasp Biblical thinking on these things if their lives are to be changed into the image of Christ’s. The group discussion part of the CFM sessions is great for helping them to engage with the changes they will need to make.”

Through strategic partnerships, we ensure accurate translations of CFM materials into local dialects, making them available in study books or via our secure online web-app. Sister D underscores the profound impact of these translated resources, acknowledging their usefulness and life-changing potential within the BMB community. She says, “we know these topics are useful and life-changing for our BMB family.

Currently we have a partner working on translating Come Follow Me into the language of an unreached Muslim people group in the Horn of Africa. In this largely oral context, the partner's team have recently developed a written alphabet and are joyfully providing the brand new Bible in this language. They plan to offer CFM alongside distributing these.

Another collaborative initiative is underway—a partner is diligently working on an audio version of another language spoken in the same region. This audio content will be integrated into the GrowSpace app for users to listen to the course content. We're passionate about helping people access Bible study materials in the way which serves them best.

As these projects unfold, we invite you to join us in prayer. Pray for our translation initiatives, for the teams diligently working on these transformative projects, and for the individuals whose lives will be touched by the empowering message of God’s Word.