Study Books

The Study book is needed for every person wanting to do the Come Follow Me course, including the person leading the group. Advisors should also obtain a copy of the Advisor's guide, either by downloading it from the Come Follow Me Website or ordering it from this site. See our leaders packs page to order a Study book and Advisor's guide with a discount. 

We can now supply books worldwide through this website, however this may not be your cheapest option depending on your location. Please see the Come Follow Me website for links to other suppliers worldwide:

Order Come Follow me in other languages from local European suppliers by clicking on the languages: DutchFrenchGerman and Norwegian

Farsi books can be ordered from this shop or if you are only ordering Farsi books, from Elam ministries who are the publishers and can ship worldwide.

Please note that printing and Shipping times are 8-10 working days, as books are printed on demand.